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Cold November (2017) HD
Cold November (2017)
Year, country:
Karl Jacob
Bijou Abas, Karl Jacob, Anna Klemp
1h 32min
On an immensely diverse planet there is a huge number of peoples with their own traditions, unusual for most people living in a civilized society. Some of them cause surprise, others are alarmed, sometimes scary. For the indigenous people of certain regions, the observance of the old, generally accepted rules of conduct and coexistence in small communities are vital, allowing survivors to survive, to the benefits of civilization are not accustomed to, in the harsh conditions of wildlife. A twelve-year-old teenage girl lives with her family and a few relatives somewhere in an impenetrable outback, located in the western territories of America. Here survived centuries-old, diligently respected descendants, ancient customs, invariably from ancient times. You can watch Cold November movie 2017 in good quality free of charge without registration. In a remote settlement, there is a matriarchy, in the more privileged position is the female population over virtually unprotected men. A similar, unconventional construction of interpersonal relationships, naturally reflects the existing laws and rules of upbringing children. Florence is looking forward to the onset of a responsible, fateful moment, when experienced hunters will take on ritual hunting for deer. Many generations of tribal women are transferred to an ancient tradition, which is a kind of dedication in adulthood. The girl must independently kill the first animal in his life, to enter a new life stage, become a worthy heir of a kind, not to bring the memory of their ancestors. It's very important for a future hunter to overcome insecurity in their own forces.