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Astro (2018) HD
Astro (2018)
Year, country:
Asif Akbar
Gary Daniels, Marshal Hilton, Courtney Akbar
1h 45min
In the field of astronautics, scientific research is conducted by scientists of various countries for many decades, trying to penetrate deeper into secrets carefully guarded by the vast, mysterious and alluring universe. It is extremely rare to obtain any interesting, reliable information, backed up by irrefutable evidence. But people's interest in the unknown galaxies never decreases. One inquisitive billionaire, who is very keenly interested in these issues, decides to finance a private research program to study cosmic phenomena. Once an interstellar ship conducting another scientific research, intergalactic expedition, returns to Earth with good news. Astronauts who surveyed distant, unknown, inhabited worlds, managed to bring a strange creature from a distant planet. An unusual object possessed intelligence, comparable in level to the human intellect. Researchers brought the ward to study more detailed in a specially equipped laboratory. Scientists place an alien in a medical, scientific institution, where they try to find out the nature of origin and functioning of an extraterrestrial organism under terrestrial conditions. When DNA is detected in the research object, it turns out to be an incredible surprise that it coincides almost completely with the code of one human earthling man, who never left the limits of his native planet. This raises an incredible number of questions and the most unimaginable assumptions. Ministers of science confronted with inexplicable facts have a great deal to do to find out the reasons for this, almost mystical similarity of the extraterrestrial creation with their own compatriot.