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The Bachelors (2017)
Year, country:
Kurt Voelker
Odeya Rush, J.K. Simmons, Jean Louisa Kelly
1h 39min
A middle-aged man recently experienced a great tragedy, having lost his beloved wife. A widower is a single parent living with her seventeen-year-old son. To handle parenting duties alone is not easy. To such changes a widowed man was not prepared. Too much of the habitual existence has been irrevocably changed at once, causing many problems and unusual difficulties. Personal grief became an unbearable burden, so that ultimately do not fall into a depressed state, an orphan family to leave the native solves places, changing the situation, reminiscent of the unpleasant events that have occurred in their lives. They move from the provincial town to the crowded Los Angeles, trying to start a new life, fundamentally different from the past. You can watch the online movie Bachelors 2017 in good quality for free without registration. A man dreams of forgetting in an unfamiliar environment, is planning to find a teacher's place in a private school to pursue a professional career. He hopes that interesting, busy work, new acquaintances will help to forget the pain of the tragedy. The plan begins to work. Changing the place of residence, communicating with attractive strangers has a positive effect on the restoration of psychological balance and the emergence of a discomfort zone for people who have experienced a recent irreparable loss. Father and son meet women who are beginning to feel romantic feelings, opening the next chapter in the future future. But happy events, unexpectedly happening, involuntarily do not have the best effect on the relationship between relatives, causing some tension. Now their further paths must go away.