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The Tale (2018)
Year, country:
Jennifer Fox
Elizabeth Debicki, Chelsea Alden, Laura Dern
1h 54min
Memories of some of the distant childhood, intertwined in an incredible way, create a mysterious, confusing puzzle, whose search for solving is extremely important for a person, turning practically into the meaning of further existence. Young children love to fantasize to decorate a little bit of reality and to exaggerate their own significance among the events that take place. Human memory has the ability to hide in the distant corners of the subconscious the impartial facts that occurred earlier to protect the psyche from unnecessary, unwanted shocks that could disturb the emotional balance. Jennifer, a successful journalist, is a recognized professional in the field, has made significant progress, has managed to realize the existing potential. You can watch the online story 2018 movie in good quality for free without registration. Unexpectedly, she will face unusual secrets hidden in the long-forgotten, early adolescence. Once picking things up, daughters grew older, Mother Jennifer encounters a diary, which was once led by a thirteen-year-old daughter. The content of the old recordings shocked the elderly woman. A little girl describes in detail the story of an intimate relationship with two entirely adult men. However, the memories of a young woman are fundamentally different from those described in the notebook of events. An intriguing journalist decides to conduct a peculiar investigation to find out the true state of affairs, and understand why the memory played with it is a joke such. She begins to look for the lovers mentioned in the records, whose names are clearly recorded. She must get acquainted with the mysterious stranger she has been in the distant past.