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Lyco (2018)
Year, country:
Franklin Correa
Lester Greene, Sandra Fernandez, Samantha Rivers Cole
1h 23min
Jacek in a small town lives in a Polish village where the local population is incredibly devout and conservative, adheres to the views, rejecting any modern innovations. The young rebel, possessing irreconcilable, explosive nature rock music loves and someday leave dreaming native places and in a big, progressive city to go to a successful musical build a career as a rock performer. Naturally religious parents are categorically against the realization of the heady intentions of a frivolous son. Watch free movie action, horror, thriller Lyco 2018 online. In the vicinity of the village there is a large construction site, where a huge statue of Christ is being built. The majority of the young male population works here, the guy also spends daily at work, spending a lot of time at a great height, risking his own life in a certain sense. After a hard working day, young people try to relax, ignoring the prohibitions of relatives, arranging noisy parties. Yatek has a girl with whom there are serious relationships, they even plan to get married in the foreseeable future, as parents have already informed. Once there is a terrible tragedy, forever changed the fate of many people associated with the misfortune. The guy accidentally stumbles on the scaffolding, located high above the ground, and falls, getting serious damage. Physicians manage to save the injured, but his face is crippled, he has to surgically perform an operation on the exterior of the recovery, which passes successfully. The young man practically acquires a new face and returns home. It is very difficult for close people to get used to an unfamiliar, alien appearance and to perceive it as before.