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The Loved Ones (2009) HD
The Loved Ones (2009)
Year, country:
Sean Byrne
Xavier Samuel, Robin McLeavy, Victoria Thaine
1h 24min
Mitchell lost his father in a tragic incident when a bloody man jumped out right under the wheels. There was an accident and Mitchell the elder was killed, there was a huge bleeding wound. Brent did not even understand what happened. Film is a typical fan of the Barbie doll. Watch free movie horror, thriller The Loved Ones 2009 online. The viewer just needs to watch what happens. And you will not remain indifferent - surprised, frightened, enthusiastic, but only not indifferent. Half a year has passed, Brent still sometimes thinks about suicide and the guy goes there with his girlfriend Holly. However, for this he had to refuse Lola, who invited him first. Frankly speaking, refusing Lola was a bad idea. And she has an accomplice her dad-maniac. The case for small - kidnap a guy, take him to his castle with a dungeon (languishing) although Brent gives the wrong answer. The actors perfectly performed their business...