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A Dog’s Purpose (2017)
Year, country:
Lasse Hallström
Josh Gad, Dennis Quaid, Peggy Lipton
1h 40min
He does not forget to receive his portion of pleasures when he wears a puppy over fields and meadows, or he is lying on a house verandah with an old, tired dog, and peers sadly at the horizon. As a puppy, Bailey happened to meet with the boy Ethan. Years later, the loss of a dog becomes a heavy blow to her matured master. He had a lot of adventures, impressions and hosts, which he saw during the years of reincarnations. Each new life taught the hero a new lesson - he was a lifeguard and a domestic dog, whatever this divine cycle is called.Soon Bailey's soul reincarnates in the dogs of the opposite sex. Only he continues to love and wait, no matter what happens. Having lost Bailey, Ethan lost a part of his soul. Bailey's soul will have to find herself in yet another body until she meets her old master again. This is a kind, family movie, love and service of the highest goal from the wonderful director Lasse Hallström. Bruce Cameron's popular novel. It can be perceived as a comedy or a drama, but it certainly will not leave anyone indifferent. Ironically over  human habits and oddities. The share of this amazing dog had a lot of adventures, which he saw during the years of reincarnations...
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