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Anthony Jeselnik: Caligula (2013)
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Ryan Polito
Anthony Jeselnik
Anthony Jesselnik is a famous person in those circles where people like to listen to jokes on topical topics. The main character calls himself the usual American stand-up comic. All because he acts as a self-assured bastard, who goes on stage and begins to amuse people. Once Anthony Jesselnik was an unknown person. In a couple of years of successfully conducting his career as a humorist, millions began to talk about him. He even managed to get into the television show Comedy Central. And this is all Anthony Jesselnik achieved only a few years. Watch free movie comedy, documentary Anthony Jeselnik: Caligula (2013) online.  He will continue his career as a humorist and become a resident of some "ridiculous" project that will bring him not only great success, but also a lot of money. Before us, the performance of another American humorist. His desire Anthony justifies in subsequent phrases, which are not at all out of his specific sense of humor. We will hear a lot of vulgar jokes, become witnesses to the "chernushnoy" history and hear a few dozens of witty "one-liners." But for all his cynicism, Anthony never drops to flat jokes, which makes watching him on stage even more interesting.