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All God’s Children Can Dance (2008) HD
All God’s Children Can Dance (2008)
Year, country:
Robert Logevall
Joan Chen, Jason Lew, Sonja Kinski
1h 25min
First drama of Hollywood director Robert Logewall was shown - All children of God can dance. The life of a Korean youth living changes when he meets an old man with one ear. In the Korean quarter of Los Angeles lives a young guy Kengo. So he spends his days - doing a shameful business, whom he pours out his complexes. Kengo decides to abandon everything and follow this one-person. Like his neighbors immigrants, he lives in a small apartment in the Korean quarter in Los Angeles. Watch free movie drama All God’s Children Can Dance (2008) online. He performs obnoxious duties, and in the evenings he harasses his girlfriend. His whole life is filled with endless complexes, because of which he often behaves strangely and periodically breaks down on others. These oddities are connected by a sincere and immutable faith that God became his parent. Robert Logewall managed to harmoniously combine the democratic character of American cinema in the works of Haruki Murakami in one film. All the children of God can dance for the perfect play of actors: Joana Chen (Leap Year and City 24), Jason Lew (Experiment, Called), Sonia Kinsky (Evil inside, Dark Hearts), Qi Ma (Dirty wet money , Trick me). You can watch the adaptation of Haruka Murakami's story online on our website.