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San wa (2005)
Year, country:
Stanley Tong
Bing Shao, Jackie Chan, Weixing Yao
2h 2min
Archaeologist Jack, the hero of the adventure film "Myth", tortured by strange dreams. A general of the great imperial army of Meng And the period of the Qin dynasty. William, engaged in force fields, once invites the archaeologist to take part in a secret expedition to India, organized to search for a rare artifact. Researchers are interested in material of extraterrestrial origin, allowing the ancient tomb of King Dasar to soar in weightlessness. There are rock inscriptions and drawings. This cave grotto carries in itself a great story of one person. Archaeologist wanted to open the coffin, fell and opened himself, thereby frightening. He saw the whole life of the buried soldier. Now he is a hero of military actions, present at a historic event. He fights his enemies. Cleverly uses a variety of ancient weapons, good archery. His hero was in love with her. In the mythical "flying" mausoleum, Jack finds an image of a beautiful stranger, a girl who appears in his dreams. However, the hero does not have time to figure out what is happening: William violates the "flight" of the Hindu shrine, extracting from the statue a mysterious black stone. Scientists hastily leave the research site, but Jack begins to guess that ancient legends, strange dreams and modern reality are completely inexplicably linked.