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Anonymous 616 (2018) HD
Anonymous 616 (2018)
Year, country:
Mike Boss
Bella Shepard, Emily Jordan, Myles Cranford
1h 20min
A few buddies who are old friends, adore fun time to spend free after the activities of a professional. They have planned once again a joint pastime in a narrow circle, a friendly one. Guys are going to abandon daily problems, depressing reflections on duties and other serious things, so they stock up on a large number of spirits, allowing for an informal relaxation of the situation. In the midst of a fun party everyone rests in their own way, trying to disconnect from everyday troubles. One vacationer came to mind on the Internet to dig around in search of information interesting. Gradually, his correspondence with a stranger is tied, which does not communicate his own name. A strange person starts to present very unusual, intricate thoughts that cause surprise. An anonymous interlocutor takes to rant about various options for establishing power over mankind, on the possibilities of gaining unquestioning power, which allows them to subordinate others to their own will. The guy was very interested in this topic, showing a desire to gain absolute power. An unknown well-wisher readily explained how to achieve the desired by performing certain manipulations. The proposed way to achieve omnipotence was very cruel and bloody, requiring a lot of human blood. However, the drunk guy, who had read strange things, turned into an uncontrollable killer who lost control over his own actions. He furiously sought to gain absolute control over those present, arranging inhuman punishment for friends.