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Taco Shop (2018) HD
Taco Shop (2018)
Year, country:
Joaquin Perea
Tyler Posey, Rafael Agustin, Carlos Alazraqui
1h 24min
Mexico is a very popular state among foreigners, it is well-developed international tourism, which provides local residents with additional income. People come to an exotic country to visit attractions and scenic places. Traveling around the country, they acquire a variety of souvenirs, they certainly try to taste the local cuisine and unsurpassed, Mexican tacos. As this dish is in great demand among tourists and the local population, institutions that provide customers with this product, on each street. Enterprising businessmen use the constant demand to organize their own business. A small store selling up to a certain point with the ingredients used in the preparation of tacos is unforeseen under the threat of complete ruin. One day on the other side of the road, a commercial van is suddenly parked, which is engaged in selling a ready-made product intended for gourmets. Young businessman Smok has always dreamed of selling traditional, popular, national dishes. Until the unpleasant coincidence of circumstances, his business developed well, promising to bring a good profit to the energetic owner in the future. However, a snack bar on wheels creates serious competition, its owner is very determined and aggressive, intending to eliminate the opponent in order to finally take advantage of positions without fear of further competition. Young Smok has to withstand the onslaught of a serious opponent, trying to keep his own business and not disappoint a charming colleague named Suzi, to whom he feels not only friendly feelings.