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Favorites Bottom of the World (2017)

Bottom of the World (2017)
Year, country:
Richard Sears
Ted Levine, Jena Malone, Douglas Smith
1h 25min
The mysterious disappearance of a young woman in a detective tense drama film leads her boyfriend to the path of truth and, perhaps, to his unrecognizable reality in this dark, hypnotic mystery that exceeds the limitations of the traditional narrative. A young and purposeful guys decide to spend the night at a roadside hotel, somewhere. Suddenly shining with a motley sign. By this time, the travelers were already tired. Not to mention a full rest with a warm shower and a plate of hot soup, about which the guys had dreamed for several days. It should be more serious to approach the issues of choice of overnight. This guess soon confirmed a strange bell that talked about the conditions for returning the missing. The stronger the world around the world rolled into a fantastic abyss, increasingly reminiscent of hallucinations or drunken delusions. And soon the traveler could not understand him in reality, or everything around is no more than a stupid nightmare dream...