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Grace (2009)
Year, country:
Paul Solet
Jordan Ladd, Samantha Ferris, Gabrielle Rose
1h 24min
Madeline Matheson and Michael are our main characters in the Grace drama horror thriller movie. A miracle happened - Madeline was pregnant. She stayed about seven and a half months, and finally she succeeds in getting pregnant and bearing fruit for seven and a half months. Alas, shortly thereafter, a terrible accident occurs, as a result of which Michael is killed and - the unborn still a baby. Madeline nevertheless decides to give birth, even a dead fruit. And here the most terrible begins. After this accident almost two weeks passed and then a full nightmare begins: as soon as it turned out, the child was not dead. Mom decides to continue simply impossible titanic conditions and returns life to this little child. nowfilms.ru After a while she decides to name this girl Grace, in translation this name means grace. Her hair falls out and little by little the skin crawls all over her body. Madeline takes the child to her house the skin cringes. Not trusting traditional medicine, Madeline is feeding the baby again - but she suddenly faints. Mother understands that Grace is hungry, she will drink... blood! Usual traditional medicine our mother does not believe at all and still continues to feed her beloved child with milk from her own breast, but then, at one point, she suddenly faints...