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Favorites Death Wish (2018)

Death Wish (2018)
Year, country:
Eli Roth
Bruce Willis, Vincent D'Onofrio, Elisabeth Shue
1h 47min
Death Wish (2018) In the huge New York city, murder and violence has increased dramatically. Agencies are completely not ready for such a surge of dangerous offenses and can not resolve the situation.The terrible situation and consider themselves completely protected from such misfortunes. The innocent citizens are the successful architect of Kersey. Paul has always been a law-abiding citizen. He fearlessly goes to work every day, and in the evening he returns home, where his loving wife and dear daughter awaits her. Returning to the apartment, he becomes an eyewitness to the shocking sight. Gracious murderers have long mocked the defenseless victims before they kill them. The devastated widower turns to the police station, where no guarantees are given, because the department is filled with hundreds of similar cases. He understands that the killers managed to avoid the punishment. To protect a valuable employee from depressed mood, the authorities direct him on a business trip. For excellent work, a talented architect is awarded with a nominal gun. An unusual gift becomes a symbol of revenge for the martyrdom of loved ones. Returning home, a man decides to independently declare war on the criminal world. Every night he goes to search another gangster to shoot him. After a terrible tragedy, a civilian shellfisher turns into a cruel avenger that destroys the villains.