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Favorites Easy Rider: The Ride Back (2012)

Easy Rider: The Ride Back (2012)
Year, country:
Dustin Rikert
Chris Engen, Sheree J. Wilson, Jeff Fahey
1h 39min
Inexhaustible thirst for speed, fast motorcycle, as well as a team of faithful people. Wyatt Williams is a ruffian and a rebel by nature. The hero is a fierce supporter of freedom and independence... These simple truths are familiar firsthand to Wyatt Williams - a former hacker and freedom-loving rebel, eternal perpetrator of all sorts of rules and a zealous preacher. A lot of alcohol and like-minded people like themselves. Wyatt Williams knows firsthand all these treasured truths, because since twenty years he has been sitting on his iron horse, and violates all possible rules. He has a beloved wife who does not share such a husband's love for this biker culture. It does not last long, since Wyatt always keeps the situation under control, and will not let down even here. Soon, he has serious obstacles on his way. However, his family does not at all share such radical beliefs of the biker subculture -  however, just like Wyatt's own absence does not listen to the instructions of his mother. But all this is temporary, because Wyatt Williams is used to keeping any situation under control...