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Favorites Comic Book Villains (2002)

Comic Book Villains (2002)
Year, country:
James Robinson
Donal Logue, Cary Elwes, Michael Rapaport
1h 32min
Raymond (Donal Log) and Norman (Michael Rapaport) with Judy's wife (Natasha Lyonnais) - competing bookstore owners - learn from the local comic fanatic of Conan (Danny Masterson) that in their city there is an elderly woman who houses a priceless collection rare old comics. Her son, who was very fond of the drawings, all his life, from the age of nine, collected them. But one day he slipped at work and, getting sick, soon died. And Mrs. Crasswell, a hundred-year-old woman, got all his things. Dusty, shabby magazines can bring their owner several million dollars, but the landlady refuses to sell her rare collection without seeing any sense in this sale. And Norman, who came to her first, since his store is a quarter of a mile closer to her house than Raymond's store, leaves with nothing. The second comes to the house of Mrs. Crasswell Raymond. And he makes sure that this collection really exists and is stored according to the rules: without light and damp. There's everything you can dream about: Marvel Comics, Man Torch, Black Terror, Nick Crazy, Captain America. Watch free movie comedy Comic Book Villains 2002 online. This variety is magnificent and amazing. The collection only scripts, but it's just a gold mine. But Raymond has nothing, no money, not even a house - no opportunity to outplay Norman and Judy. And then two rivals decide to go even to the most desperate measures. Although Raymond does it out of love for the comics themselves, and the married team find money in this scam. The situation is brewing in the minds when the assembler Conan (Danny Masterson) discovers this large collection of perfectly preserved classic comic books, which along with two rivals also tries to steal them first ...