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Zig Zag (2002) HD
Zig Zag (2002)
Year, country:
David S. Goyer
John Leguizamo, Natasha Lyonne, Wesley Snipes
1h 41min
A dramatic horror film online from American director Paul Schroeder and screenwriter William Wisher. The main roles were played by Stellan Skarsgar and Gabriel Mann. A priest named Lancaster Merrin goes to the archaeological exploration to study the ancient and mysterious excavations unfolding on the African eastern territory. Byzantine temple, built many centuries ago. Naturally, like all self-respecting archaeologists, historians decided to penetrate inside a unique and mysterious building. What they saw there, caused an incredible interest. In the depths of the room was an ancient crypt, which preserved traces of earlier devilish rituals, rituals and horrifying sacrifices. Watch free movie drama Zig Zag 2002 online. Satisfied researchers are already dreaming of telling about what they saw but the locals marred their joy, saying that because of their curiosity, Merryn and his companions released an evil demonic spirit. Only the young clergyman Frances father believes in this, who suspects that the vengeful spirit that has come to pass has moved into a little boy. Heroes quickly threw out this fairy-tale from his head , however Frances father very pricked up...