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Favorites Between Us (2012)

Between Us (2012)
Year, country:
Dan Mirvish
Julia Stiles, Melissa George, Taye Diggs
1h 30min
The world premiere of the American drama "Between Us" was held on September 13, 2012. This film was directed by Dan Mirwish. In this film the main characters were two married couples, formed from former classmates who were bosom friends. Grace and Carlo were married just recently. They lead a bohemian existence in a posh apartment in Manhattan. One day they decide to go on a visit to former classmate Carlo-Joel. He lives in a huge house in the Midwest with his wife, Cheryl. The situation is changing. Joel and Sharil, who once again strongly love each other, "like snow on their heads" are on the threshold of the New York apartment Grace and Carlo, between which constantly break out quarrels, and in one of the rooms a newborn child is constantly crying. Watch free movie drama Between Us (2012) online. Buddies agree on a meeting, share their experiences, complain about missed chances. But one day their evening, full of nostalgia, ceased to be controlled, and this resulted in a dispute. This frightens the sudden guests and threatens furniture. An ice meeting of old acquaintances speaks of the unpredictable result of their next meeting. Nevertheless, for two whole days they will "light up" together. They start dangerous conversations about sex, questions of religion, money, children and love. The history of the film tells about two married couples who were formed from old friends-classmates. Not a day goes by so that the friends will not agree on another meeting, shared their experiences, lamented the missed opportunities. But one day their nostalgic evening got out of control. Otherwise, sincere chatter can be replaced by the desire to gnaw at the interlocutor pharynx.