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The Rite (2011)
Year, country:
Mikael Håfström
Colin O'Donoghue, Anthony Hopkins, Ciarán Hinds
1h 54min
Michael Kovak is by nature a skeptic and familiar with death since childhood. The picture of director Mikael Hofstrem "Rite" can not be attributed strictly to one genre. A person in God and the Devil whose star is Anthony Hopkins. He faced a serious choice, deciding his fate. Kovak, a graduate of the US theological seminary. His mentor saw great potential in the first semester. Watch free movie drama, horror, mystery The Rite (2011) online. As a summer practice, Michael is invited to undergo training in Rome, on exorcism courses, after which he will be free either to leave the university or become a clergyman. The leadership of the exorcists introduces the young seminarian to Father Lucas. Participating with him in the rites of exile, Michael gradually finds his way to God. Father Lucas discerned potential in the young seminarian and took to his disciples. Even as a witness of unusual phenomena, Michael remained an unbeliever...