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Hot Tamale (2006) HD
Hot Tamale (2006)
Year, country:
Michael Damian
John Hayden, Richard Riehle, Harland Williams
1h 42min
Once this guy had an amazing chance: to get to the metropolis on an exciting excursion. From this opportunity, the provincial boy decided not to give up and, having crossed the prohibitions of elderly parents, went on a trip. On the way, the protagonist imagined how he would swim in the ocean and bask in the warm sand. Harlan is a musician who dreams of playing salsa music for a living. Watch free movie action, comedy, crime Hot Tamale (2006) online. The protagonist was brought up in love and affection, and so he could not even think that in honest at first glance people may be hiding a lot of hatred and anger towards others. Harlan stops for a bite to eat along the way and meets a guy named Jude. He also decided that he definitely would not deny himself the opportunity to have dinner at an expensive restaurant. Another young man dreamed that he would be able to meet his favorite actors and take an autograph from them. However, instead, the main character, turns out to be at the center of serious criminal quarrels and now has no idea how he can survive in the current situation...