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Bethany (2017)
Year, country:
James Cullen Bressack
Stefanie Estes, Zack Ward, Tom Green
1h 30min
For the director of the tape James Brassac, the film "The House of My Nightmares" became the 18th in a row. James also wrote a screenplay for him, acted as a producer and even performed one of their supporting roles. The house of my nightmares is a new horror film from the director James Callan Bressak, who is already known for several horror films. Claire (Stephanie Estes) is often perceived as a place of parental warmth and shelter from all dangers. But this house is fraught with evil and causes it only animal horror. Claire's mother dies and leaves her a legacy of a house about which the heroine has only hard memories. Suddenly, Claire receives a message about her mother's death. Soon the couple decides to move to the house where grief-stricken daughter grew up. But she still despite the past. Her psyche was unstable before moving, but staying in this monstrous house aggravated Claire's panic state even more. Doctors do not understand what is happening with Claire and only one person who considers himself an expert in the field of paranormal phenomena, notices that it is the house that slowly drives its former inhabitant crazy. Will he be able to help a poor woman?Most recently, she lost her baby and fell into depression.  And now this house also envelops her consciousness with a fog, through which Claire can no longer distinguish reality from fiction. Lately the wife is irritable, often breaks down on her lover. The poor beauty experienced the most terrible moments of her childhood. The real devilry begins to take place. The past again makes itself felt, turning the life into a real hell...