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The Heart of Me (2002) HD
The Heart of Me (2002)
Year, country:
Thaddeus O'Sullivan
Helena Bonham Carter, Olivia Williams, Paul Bettany
1h 36min
1934 year. A wealthy housewife Madeleine invites her freedom-loving little sister Dean to stay in her elegant London home with her, her husband Ricky and her little son Anthony. Dina always imagined herself as a bohemian artist, which depressed the conservative mother of her sisters. In addition, Dina was secretly jealous and offended by Madeleine, who so nicely settled in life. But now she herself is supposed to be a respectable, wealthy man. What she seems to be happy about, but flirting with her sister's husband does not miss the opportunity. After a family dinner, when Dean announces her engagement, Rikki comes to the girl's room, she had a secret attraction off the engagement in order to completely surrender to forbidden passion. Watch free movie drama, romance The Heart of Me (2002) online. As you can guess, this will inevitably lead to a whole series of conflicts and personal dramas. The film itself is intended mainly for those viewers who know firsthand what is romance, what is a passionate attraction to another person. Ricky Masters is a lucky English trader who is getting married. His betrothed, Madeleine, is a wonderful girl, but the man gets sympathetic towards Dean, a gifted creative person. Every day, crazy passion flares up more and more. When a person feels this, he does not care for all kinds of obstacles. The main acting heroines are two young sisters, who are called Madeline and Dean. Moreover, Rika himself likes Dean. In general, between young people begins to unfold, albeit a secret, but very stormy novel.