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Favorites The Go-Between (2015)

The Go-Between (2015)
Year, country:
Pete Travis
Jim Broadbent, Jack Hollington, Samuel Joslin
1h 29min
Leslie Poulz Hartley, there is a certain Leo Colston, a fifty-year-old man who suddenly realized in his old age that he had been a lifelong host of memories of the past. The age of fifty and realized in his declining years that he had lived his whole life with memories of days gone by, he simply became a hostage of his past. Before the audience appears a small village, where Colston spent his childhood. Here the kid often walked with his peers, but the hero is worried about another - a girl named Marion Matsley. The young beauty lived in a luxurious estate where a well-known young man arrived for the holidays and was skillfully involved in adult intrigues. Wstch free movie drama The Go-Between (2015) online. Father and mother Marion planned to give the daughter a daughter in marriage to a wealthy groom from the noble family of Hugh Trimmingham, the young lady suffered absolutely for another guy. The young lady sighed for Ted Burgess, a local farmer, only sees her with her beloved, because the lovers belonged to different social strata. A novel with an ordinary peasant can cause a grand scandal. Becoming an unintentional accomplice in adult passions. Leo is invited to spend a week in the rich estate of a classmate. This honor was rarely given to ordinary boys, but for some reason he was invited as an honored guest. Elite and expensive attributes of the interior, exclusive decorative gizmos, tastefully decorated furniture - everything suggests that the mansion is home to a decent "cream" of society. His neighbors are exposing the most terrible aspects of human nature. Selfishness replace each other with a certain frequency.Marion starts using him as a messenger, sending letters to his lover.