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Possession (2002) HD
Possession (2002)
Year, country:
Neil LaBute
Gwyneth Paltrow, Aaron Eckhart, Jeremy Northam
1h 42min
Enthusiastic literary scholars Roland and Maude, engaged in a detailed analysis of the letters of the renowned poet Randolph Esch, could see this from their own experience. Someone else's forbidden passion, embodied in half-stained lines on yellowed paper, seems so incredible  that they begin to try it on themselves. Maud Bailey and Roland Mitchell study life and search for unknown biographical facts of eminent writers through their letters, as well as mentions and notes. This is how men find irrefutable evidence that the poet of the Victorian era, Randolph Ash, betrayed his wife and had a secret connection with a woman - with the less famous poetess Christabel Lamotte. Watch free movie drama, romance, mystery Possession (2002) online. Wanting to understand the situation and present a complete picture to show the world a sensation, scientists, more and more immersed in an almost detective investigation, try on the images of poets. Gradually, like the objects of research, between them flare strong feelings, turning into a real obsession with each other. In the life of the main characters, where the unrestrained play of creative imagination. After all, love is always a huge illusion...