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Nightmare Man (2006) HD
Nightmare Man (2006)
Year, country:
Rolfe Kanefsky
Tiffany Shepis, Blythe Metz, Luciano Szafir
1h 29min
Spouses William and Ellen in the parcel post comes ritual African mask. A married couple Bill and Ellen receive from Africa a strange parcel in the form of a mask. Now, Ellen's mental state begins to deteriorate and she sees the horrible nightmares associated with this mask. Bill decides to take his wife to a psychiatrist, but during a trip through the forest the car breaks down and Bill goes for help, and Ellen stays in the car. and at this time someone starts hunting on it, on whose face the same mask is located. It is this mask that the spouses consider to be the cause of the nightmares that Ellen began to pursue. Nightmares of a woman resemble a mask of the devil. Watch free movie horror, thriller, comedy Nightmare Man (2006) online. The nightmares did not disappear. Ellen talked about her nightmares to her husband William, ritual mask that the spouses had received in the postal parcel. Bill decided to show his wife to the doctors. In the middle of which the gasoline ended. Ellen stayed in the car. Bill went for fuel to the nearest gas station. A man in a diabolical mask tried to kill a woman, managed to escape from the hands of death and escape. Ellen's cries were heard by four friends in the forest house. Trinity, Jack and Ed came to his girlfriend Mia to spend the weekend in her posh forest mansion...