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Hunter’s Prayer (2017) HD
Hunter’s Prayer (2017)
Year, country:
Jonathan Mostow
Sam Worthington, Odeya Rush, Allen Leech
1h 31min
Stephen Lucas is a high-class hired killer who always successfully closes things. Even deadly enemies consider him an ideal machine for murder. The big mafia has its own understanding of honor. When people working for them show disobedience, they must suffer a terrible punishment for edification to others. Mark Hutto served as a lawyer for businessman Metzger, who has a strong connection with crime. It so happened that the lawyer noticed the illegality of a number of executed transactions. Metser found himself offended and ordered his men to kill Hatto and his family. Mark together with his wife and son were shot. Lucky only daughter Elle. As described in the film Time of Dogs, the killer Stephen Lucas at the last moment regretted the young girl. Watch free movie action, thriller Hunter’s Prayer (2017) online. After Ella begins a real hunt. The only person who can help her is Lucas. Stephen did not deny the girl and now he is also being harassed by former colleagues. Now he and his unfortunate victim, the young girl Ella, are forced to hide together from death itself. They go in a dangerous way, whose goal is to take revenge on the murderers of the girl's parents.The director of the project was to become Phillip Noyce, but eventually the director's chair was taken by Jonathan Mostow, American film director, screenwriter and producer. The main role in the film was played by Sam Worthington, behind which such cult projects as Avatar, For reasons of conscience, the Battle of the Titans, Everest, etc. Ellu played a young Israeli Odeya Rush, the most famous role of Fiona in the film Dedicated.