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Fist Fight (2017) HD
Fist Fight (2017)
Year, country:
Richie Keen
Ice Cube, Charlie Day, Tracy Morgan
1h 31min
Even in adulthood, problems may arise in school. But now this is not an ordinary teenage showdown with local punks. Now the relationship has reached a new level. A large-scale is planned. Andy Campbell is a rather modest and intelligent worker. He does not find a common language with his colleague. Brutal Ron Strickland has an explosive temperament and knows how to find an approach to any woman. Fist fight - a loopy comedy about unpredictable school everyday life. Teachers have a hard time: you need to be able to establish contact with students, politely communicate with their parents, please the authorities and always be ready for increased attention from all sides. Andy has always been a quiet and modest student. At school he was quieter than water, below the grass. Ron, on the other hand, was the soul of the company and everyone was afraid of him in the district. Watch free movie comedy Fist Fight (2017) online. You can find other ways to eliminate an unwanted competitor. If Ron has muscle and fighting character in his arsenal, Andy has intelligence and savvy. With the help of a well thought out plan, Campbell succeeds in bringing Strickland to a conflict. A wonderful family film, viewing which will cheer and give a great mood. As a result, the second participant is dismissed. A dismissed and insulted young man is literally furious with the situation. He calls his abuser to a fight...