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The Deaths of Ian Stone (2007) HD
The Deaths of Ian Stone (2007)
Year, country:
Dario Piana
Mike Vogel, Jaime Murray, Christina Cole
1h 27min
Link between the lives of Jan is Jenny. Stone is constantly haunted by certain creatures, as well as a mysterious stranger. This is a bloody and eerie thriller, the storyline of which unfolds around a young American named Jan Stone. He was no different from the usual average resident. The main character - to enjoy playing hockey. The plot unfolds around the young guy Ian Stone, who suddenly dies.  The only link that connects Ian to his former life was Jenny's favorite girl and strange creatures who declared a hunt for him. Picture was shown at the annual festival of horror films After Dark Horrorfest, for which such independent horror tapes as Gemini Killers, Fear, Butterfly Effect 3: Revelation, etc. were removed. The role of Ian Stone, who does not suspect that the cause of his "deaths" is himself, was performed by American actor Michael Vogel (Motel Bates, Servant). Jenny Walker, Ian's favorite girl, accompanying him in all his "one-day" lives lived by him, was played by an Englishwoman Christina Cole (Climbing Jupiter, Jane Austen's Living Book). Watch online Ian's death, like any other atmospheric horror and thriller The Deaths of Ian Stone (2007) film, is certainly interesting, first of all, thanks to the multi-layered plot. The protagonist Ian absolutely does not represent who he is, whereas in this knowledge lies the whole hitch. As for Jenny, then by chance. Lovers of suspense will appreciate the grimness of the tape, who once performed as a composer of mystical films (Stigmata, Turn Not There). Watch the movie Ian's death may appeal to fans of tapes Butterfly Effect.With Jan, an unforeseen and terrible accident takes place in a fatal outcome for the mountain athlete. Strangely enough, and then goes to work. Even a constant girlfriend changed. This is a mystical story that sends the viewer to such sensational and iconic paintings as "Groundhog Day" and "Butterfly Effect". It turns out that all of them are reapers, who, from time immemorial, have been feeding on human fears. Moreover, both wanted to stay with their women. Medea got rid of the beloved senior rebel. Trump card must be used...