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The Sound (2017) HD
The Sound (2017)
Year, country:
Jenna Mattison
Rose McGowan, Christopher Lloyd, Michael Eklund
1h 32min
A talented woman Kelly decided to seriously engage with recent literary activities and became quite a popular writer. Since childhood, Kelly Johansson is confident that ghosts and paranormal phenomena simply do not exist. In this heroine of the film "Sound" convinced her own father, who devoted his life to science. Becoming older, the girl took over the worldview of the pope and turned into a convinced skeptic. She always seeks a logical explanation and always finds it. Last years the heroine is blogging on the Internet, publishing the results of amateur research. Typically, Kelly finds an explanation: most often the cause of frightening phenomena are human sound waves which provoke various changes in the environment.The girl goes there, wanting to explore everything personally. Internet will be replenished with another revelation. But this time the heroine is waiting for a meeting with what she so stubbornly does not want to believe. Watch free movie horror, thriller, mystery The Sound (2017) online. She prefers to display in her works various events related to paranormal incidents, for search and study of information relating to everything unexplained. So it turned out that before the novelist worked in a physical laboratory, specializing in acoustic effects. It is very difficult for a former scientist, so books devoted to this topic are sold well, bringing a significant profit to the author. Kelly decides to revise her first scientific work and proceeds to a second. Reasoning reasonably, the researcher is sure of mystifying the existence of ghosts. She goes to the site of the experiment in order to finally refute the utopian theory, . Before the researcher there are spiteful guests from the parallel world, showing unfriendliness to an uninvited visitor who has violated their privacy...