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Habit (2017) HD
Habit (2017)
Year, country:
Simeon Halligan
Jessica Barden, Elliot James Langridge, William Ash
1h 30min
England. Manchester. Our days. Michael, is in a quandary, to visit employment centers after breakfast every day has become his oppressive habit. Once, once again visiting a favorite bar, he becomes an eyewitness of a brutal murder. It is by accident that he meets Lee, who then introduces him to his uncle Yen, who arranges his bouncer to his massage parlor. Having once witnessed the terrible death of one of the clients, Michael increasingly begins to see the bloody flashbacks of that night. For some mysterious reasons, this unknown world attracts it. Watch free movie Habit (2017) online. Residents of the remote island in Maine, who live by fishing, are separated from civilization after the island loses contact and stops plumbing ferries. When the inhabitants of the island begin to disappear one by one, the surviving people are horrified to realize that someone or something is hunting them. He becomes possessed by a craving for the shedding of someone else's blood. Armed with a big cleaver, the maniac begins his hunt in the narrow streets of Manchester. He is not interested in potential victims, he is looking for an opportunity to take life from someone standing, but rejected by others...