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Madhouse (2004) HD
Madhouse (2004)
Year, country:
William Butler
Joshua Leonard, Jordan Ladd, Natasha Lyonne
1h 31min
The plot of the film Madhouse is woven from the genres of detective, thriller and mysticism. Dr. Clark arrived to practice at Cunningham Hall. A psychiatric clinic with strange personnel, led by an opponent of innovations by the doctor Frank, fixated on paranormal phenomena, immediately aroused the alertness. For this, he is sent to a closed psychiatric clinic. The walls of the medical establishment will shudder from two brutal murders. But no one conducts absolutely no investigations. Watch free movie horror, thriller Madhouse 2004 online. Everything is covered in a dark secret. The leadership does not publicize what happened. The feeling did not deceive him: two mysterious murders took place here. After a night vision, the brave Clark decided to undertake his own investigation. Suddenly, the patient's partner was a patient from ward 44, who was in the basement. After awesome events, Clark comes in a dream of terrible visions. He sees ghosts asking for help. A frequent guest of his dreams is a little boy, who calls him into strange labyrinths. Clark learns that one of the patients is kept in a cellar in a closed cell. He does not quite look like a sick person. Clark begins to suffer severe headaches. He can no longer cope with visions...