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Favorites Beauty and the Beast (2017)

Beauty and the Beast (2017)
Year, country:
Bill Condon
Emma Watson, Dan Stevens, Luke Evans
2h 9min
This magic exciting story about love, capable of destroying any magic witchcraft is known to every person because the story of love, sacrifice can never bore. Unlike their sisters who can not reconcile with their new position. Screening of a cult Disney cartoon. She knocked on the door. She was discovered by the beautiful young Adam prince. But the disagreeable young man laughed to her. Now a handsome young man has turned into a terrible shaggy monster. Moreover, he has a rose in his hands. They are also interested in arranging the owner's personal life. It's incredibly difficult to understand. Belle lives in the countryside. But she is very cute, so she's loved by everyone around. Her father always invents some strange things. Everyone is considered to be almost crazy. The girl wants to find herself a groom. Hunter Gaston is constantly marrying her. But the girl thinks it is rude and unbreakable. The father tries to correct the situation, but accidentally falls into the enchanted castle and rescues of his beloved daughte. The girl was able to overcome due to her goodness, a vulnerable soul and pain, the girl was able to love him. Monster turned out to be a beautiful prince who could only be disappointed with true love...
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