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Favorites La tortue rouge (2016)

La tortue rouge (2016)
Year, country:
Michael Dudok de Wit
Emmanuel Garijo, Tom Hudson, Baptiste Goy
1h 20min
Lyrical animated film about hopes, loneliness. The man is overboard. Powerful waves covered him and he began to sink, he came to the aid of a red tortoise of enormous size. Waking up, he having skirted a new habitat, he with horror understands that he is alone on  island. The tropical paradise were birds, crabs and huge turtles. As if eternity has enveloped him, only the present. He did not get discouraged. Lonely Robinson found food, arranged a home and set about building a raft. He is often visited by a turtle. It appears and disappears again. The tortoise-rescuer destroyed his raft. He builds new boats with perseverance, but the insidious creature again destroys his work. A man can not understand what is needed for this strange turtle, until one day a beautiful girl with red hair comes out onto the beach. He takes his fate and learns to survive alone on the island, until one day the red turtle mysteriously turns into a woman.
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