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Post Grad (2009) HD
Post Grad (2009)
Year, country:
Vicky Jenson
Alexis Bledel, Michael Keaton, Carol Burnett
1h 28min
Raiden Molbi, always followed the plan. Riden just went to college. Unlike their peers and peers, most of whom at this time have fun, walk. Also the girl needs to allocate time for search of the second half. From time to time, in any plans, life makes its own adjustments "School for the survival of graduates" has to come home. But life makes its not very pleasant adjustments at least some more or less decent work. Seemed so simple and accessible to her. Rieden is forced to return home to her rather eccentric family. Here it is already waiting for a non-standard family. She sacrifices very much. She takes her studies very seriously. Only here the students consider it an abnormal fanaticl. Her main priority is a good profession and an excellent job. Riden Melby painted a step-by-step plan: to graduate from school with a gold medal, after college to find a prestigious job. The only thing that makes Ryden happy is communication with his best friend, who lives next door...
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