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Chromophobia (2005) HD
Chromophobia (2005)
Year, country:
Martha Fiennes
Ben Chaplin, Penélope Cruz, Ralph Fiennes
2h 16min
Family of a successful lawyer Marcus Eilesbury. Despite a well-to-do life and a good career, Marcus continues to race for big money, missing important moments in his life, while his wife Jonah spends more and more time on psychotherapy sessions. Marcus Aylesbury, whose life changes his "color" every day, has a lot of questions. And the main among them - "How not to go crazy, if your life is devoid of any meaning?". Marcus' wife, who spends all her days at home, does not go to a psychologist to find out what is the cause of her oppressed condition; Instead, she invites coaches, meditates, spends money on fashionable clothes and collects works of art that do not understand anything. Eight-year-old son of Marcus is prone to seizures of aggression. With his toy gun, he threatens his parents, and they once find him with a dead bird in his hands ... Marcus' best friend, journalist Trent, only plays the role of best friend, but in fact spies for Marcus to collect material for a scandalous story. Marcus' father yearns to get more from him than he can give, and the prostitute Gloria has a secret, which for some reason has to do with Marcus Aylesbury ...The characters of the film is a lawyer, tired of life into which he is increasingly immersed. But in his quest to enrich himself, Marcus is not alone. From a tired, sick prostitute and nothing failed in the life of losers, to wealthy bankers, the people are exposed to phobias, which slowly destroy their lives, because the fear of mistaking fetters any action. His wife misses her, she thinks that she is an insignificant person who can not be loved and appreciated for, even her husband stopped paying attention to her. watch free movie, One social worker makes an incredible amount of effort to correct a situation that is simply doomed. And one journalist has become so cynical that he is ready to betray his friend in order to only get a large circulation... In his comedy drama film, director Martha Fiennes flaunts the secrets of English society. In a style reminiscent of Gaultford Park, Oltman, she talks about how modern English aristocrats are trying to dilute their daily boredom, doing yoga and meditation, or trying to regain youth with the help of plastic surgery masters. Producer of the picture Ben Ammar believes that Marta Fiennes "brightly highlighted the problems of modern urban life." In this film, says Ben Ammar, despite his small budget, the best English actors took part; nevertheless the main advantage of this picture is not an actor's ensemble, but a story that is told in it.