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The Hollow (2004) HD
The Hollow (2004)
Year, country:
Kyle Newman
Kevin Zegers, Kaley Cuoco, Nick Carter
1h 23min
Over a quiet and cozy town, came to visit their aunt, clouds are beginning to thicken. Bad weather threatens to pour into a real storm, but behind the terrible weather phenomena there is another danger - terrible and inevitable. Ian Cranston, great-great-great-grandson of Ichabod Crane, returns to Sleepy Hollow without knowing anything about his origins.Free Full Movies . The return of Ian awakens the vindictive spirit of the Horseman without a head. Now the bloodthirsty creature opens the hunting season for all the inhabitants of the settlement. Sisters become unwitting witnesses to mysterious and frightening events, but the girls do not know what to do. In their quest to cope with the monster, sisters must develop an effective plan that will not only survive in such a dangerous confrontation, but forever put an end to the torment of innocent victims whose fates are in the balance. Storm is coming, and less time for doubt...