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War Machine (2017) HD
War Machine (2017)
Year, country:
David Michôd
Brad Pitt, Daniel Betts, John Magaro
2h 2min
Your attention is a screen version of the scandalous book "Operators" of journalist Michael Hastings which can be a common accident, but considering his disarming investigation of military secrets and crimes, you can build different conspiracy theories ... Comedy dramatic project - excellent the opportunity for class actor Brad Pitt to finally get a nomination for an Oscar or even the most treasured figurine, because the picture is so topical that it will certainly create a wave not less than the book, serving th basis. US Army General Stanley McChrystal is a real rock star of art to kill in large quantities. His sharp verbal expressions, his manner of acting, his risky successful military operations, often accompanied by unnecessary sacrifices, created the general a notorious reputation, as well as military glory, because the victors are not judged and, as the greatest commander in history, Napoleon Bonaparte said: soldiers - these are simply the units through which political tasks are being addressed. The protagonist of military satire Stanley McChrystal ideally used these theses - and got into new films. McChrystal is a real American general, although the writer Hastings used for his book rather a collective portrait - satirical, sarcastic, parodic and disarming. The Wild and Terrible Back of the American War in Afghanistan is dotted with quotes from the general himself and his closest associates during the American hunt for terrorists in Afghanistan. "Operators" provoked a serious scandal, because the general noted in it a lot of sharp statements. Among other robust inherited Barack Obama, whom McChrystal called crocheted and cowardly. An uncomfortable and scandalous author, left many questions and many still believe that the journalist was killed for his revealing investigations of the American campaign in Afghanistan.