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El elegido (2016) HD
El elegido (2016)
Year, country:
Antonio Chavarrías
Alfonso Herrera, Hannah Murray, Henry Goodman
2h 5min
Nazi army launched a large-scale offensive that rattles bullets and explosions around the world. Colonel Leonardo Sanchez Salazar zealously protects the guest of honor and at the root stops the attempts of secret agents to liquidate him. Spain in 1937. Ramon Mercader came to the front with a group of volunteers from Barcelona. Mercader is instructed to find traces of one of the ideologists of communism. Ramon is obliged not only to go out on him, but also to kill, since Trotsky's existence threatens the well-being of the leaders. After passing mandatory training,Ramon went under the name of Jacques Montrard. When he decided to move to Mexico, went after him. Ramon / Jacques, had to follow her on his heels, only now, already under a different name and using another legend. Mercader under the name of Jacques Mornar, a wealthy and influential Belgian, comes to Paris. Here he meets a charming Sylvia, who helps Trotsky in the work on his new book. Passion flares up among young people, but they must part for a while. Their paths again intersect in 1940 in Mexico, where Mercader arrives to translate his plan into reality. The young Spaniard is to commit one of the most high-profile murders of the century - with the help of an ordinary ice ax, to crush Trotsky's head. Under the name of Jacques Montrar to meet a girl named Sylvia Ageloff. Sylvia works together with Leon Trotsky. Later, she moves to Mexico...