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Python (2000) HD
Python (2000)
Year, country:
Richard Clabaugh
Frayne Rosanoff, Robert Englund, Casper Van Dien
1h 39min
The bloody trail of the serial killer is wandering around the small town. In fact, a bloody carnage was arranged by a giant python, whose natural abilities were significantly improved by geneticists. All new unprincipled bloodthirsty murders, mystical disappearances of people intimidate inhabitants of a provincial town. Explanations of what is happening can not seem like no one. Nobody except qualified CIA agents who, it turns out, are aware of strange provincial incidents unfolding in the film "Python". Moreover, they are guilty of everything that is criminal in the district. They have recklessly missed the unpredictable criminal. But everything would be too mediocre and simple, if a bloodthirsty criminal was a man, this is easy to catch. Snake monster, a giant python, is raised in secret secret laboratories for the sake of murder. CIA agents can not cope with a genetically improved monster. Victims more and more. A few crazy brave men capable of entering the warpath with a giant python. Now this hungry creature picks around the outskirts of the town...