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Misfortune (2016)
Year, country:
Desmond Devenish
Desmond Devenish, Xander Bailey, Jenna Kanell
1h 30min
Desmond Devenish, spoke to the producers of his third film, "Misfortune," which he himself directed, wrote the script with him together with Xander Bailey and everything else and starred in it in one of the main roles. Robin and Malik, decided to turn one business. Disassembly led to an unexpected result. Both were wounded, only one subsequently died. Boyd learned that the murderer had come to freedom. Boyd's financial affairs were not going well, but it turns out that his father and Malik were doing some strange things. Between the freed criminal and Boyd, a dangerous game began. The man who died during his lifetime was a hefty miser. This guy had to rethink his life. Boyd did not have time, Dad died of blood loss, his accomplice was detained on suspicion of murder, and then thrown in jail. Somehow to Boyd came a friend of Joe. Now he demands from Boyd his share of the money that he and Robin once stole. Persuasion and assurances that Boyd does not know anything, just annoy Malik, who with him is a powerful argument - a gun...