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Residue (2017) HD
Residue (2017)
Year, country:
Rusty Nixon
James Clayton, Taylor Hickson, Matt Frewer
1h 22min
The Canadian horror film tells its viewer that an ordinary journalist is trying to go against the system and take some members of the government to clean water, while revealing several high-profile crimes. Jennifer Preston - scandalous journalist living in a futuristic British metropolis, always looking for the most interesting cases, the fee from which can exceed. Hero takes the initiative and decides to uncover government secrets, but in the course of his investigation he manages to find out some details about the paranormal phenomenon that has not lately terrorized the whole city. Luke Harding is a private detective who read a mysterious book, owned by Mr. Fairweather. The man did not even suspect that this book is an artifact of supernatural origin, behind which the enigmatic Lamont, the eternal rival of Fairweather, hunts. From this moment begins the pursuit of Luke and his charges, Jacob and Boston. And while the criminal world is hunting for a book they want to use in their sinister plans, evil forces settle in the detective's house. Now, following his curiosity, the hero could not think, which he draws in himself and his only daughter, after all, after he managed to find out the truth...