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Quest (2017) HD
Quest (2017)
Year, country:
Jonathan Olshefski
Christopher Rainey, Christine'a Rainey, P.J. Rainey
1h 44min
A documentary film about the difficult fate of a family from the troubled area of northern Philadelphia, trying to make ends meet and set up a recording studio in its basement. And everything seems to go according to plan, but, once with their daughter, an accident occurs ... husband and wife live in a poor area of North Philadelphia. Here, in general, one can hardly see in life any enlightenment and perspective. Usually people live here just to live a day. But our heroes are not like that, they have a good job, which they think should be loved. They are musicians and work in a recording studio. They help artists from the street to move forward in terms of career, as they understand what it's like to create popularity when very few people know about you. Simultaneously with the work of his hard and creative, the couple must deal with family affairs. They have a daughter who always walks with them and also delves into the music sphere. How will these people live in a poor neighborhood of the city? What on their way, the main characters will be able to meet? Answers to many questions, the viewer can find out only if he follows all the events that occur in the picture. Struggle, firmness, dexterity and this is not only important in order to survive in the city and achieve your own creative goals.