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Sand Castle (2017)
Year, country:
Fernando Coimbra
Nicholas Hoult, Logan Marshall-Green, Henry Cavill
1h 53min
Soldiers have to not only shoot at enemies, go to attacks, carry out sweeps, seize bridgeheads and territories, but also engage in building good-neighborly relations with local civilians, although if we believe the numerous pictures about the war in the Middle East. Allied troops began another war in the Persian Gulf. Iraq is subjected to massive bombardment and rocket attacks.  Naturally, many vital communications were destroyed. The issue of water supply was especially acute. A group of American soldiers have to solve a similar problem or die while searching for the right answer. Year 2003. Iraq, the neighborhood of the city of Baqquba. Smoothing the blame, the American army organizes humanitarian missions that carry water, but not every time residents meet Americans with open arms - curses, swearing and automatic lines - that's what awaits the enemy soldiers. Matt Okr (Nicholas Holt) looking forward to the end of his term with great anticipation, but today he will have another patrol deep into a foreign territory, where Americans, tired to bring water every day, decided to repair the damaged pipeline. Matt has extremely worrying forebodings. Among them is the experienced Matt Okr. Meanwhile, Matt and his colleagues have to perform a rather difficult task, because most of the local population treats them hostile.