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Caught (2015)
Year, country:
Maggie Kiley
Anna Camp, Sam Page, Stefanie Scott
1h 22min
Sabrina, a woman in her forties, feels quite happy and believes that life was a success: a beautiful family, a beloved and, as it seemed to her, a loving husband, also earning well, good children who have grown up, a cozy house, the opportunity to spend time in his pleasure ... She does not suspect that her husband has long been betraying her. Accidentally learning about the infidelity of a spouse, about his love for a young pretty waitress named Elli, Sabrina can not believe in the betrayal of a man whom she considered to be a reliable support, and almost goes insane. At some point, it seems to her that life has collapsed, and all hopes have turned to dust. But sitting and feeling sorry for yourself is the lot of weak women, and the main character is not one of them. She simply will not be able to live on without taking revenge on both. A very short time will pass, and the cunning razluchnitsa will bitterly regret her choice. So Sabrina thinks, and she is not far from the truth. The wounded pride pushes her to take decisive action. The woman begins to follow the cunning rival. The inflamed imagination and the foggy mind of a deceived wife are prompted by the plan of revenge for Ellie and her husband, who forced her to suffer so much. She kidnaps the culprit of her troubles and locks her in the attic of her house, tentatively tied up. Sabrina hopes that fear will force the girl to reconsider her behavior and part ways with a stranger, but Ellie does not intend to surrender and is trying to escape from the trap with all her strength. Confused in her own mistakes, Sabrina loses control over the situation, and this forces her to resort to cruelty.