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The Cured (2017)
Year, country:
David Freyne
Ellen Page, Sam Keeley, Tom Vaughan-Lawlor
1h 35min
The planet suddenly reached the outbreak of an unknown, deadly virus that transforms ordinary people into bloodthirsty zombies, which continue to infect others, increasing the number of aggressive monsters that are trying to destroy humanity. After some time, scientists managed to invent antiviral whey and cure a certain number of patients who were prone to treatment. The side effect of such treatment was preserved for committed atrocities of memories that have an unpleasant effect on the psyche. The government is taking special measures to bring the cured people back to normal, putting them in a habitual environment. However, some part of the population is protesting against such a policy. Former infected people are discriminated against from their immediate surroundings. Even family members are reluctant to take back the devastated relatives of the virus, fearing unpredictable, unpleasant consequences. As a result, society faces serious social problems that require an immediate, decisive and effective intervention of state power. Senan was among the catch up scary virus that spread across the territory of Ireland. Losing a human semblance, he carried out terrible deeds, forever reflected in memory. When the infected managed to cure, the only person who decided to give him a chance to complete recovery was Abby's daughter-in-law. She allowed her husband to settle in her home to re-get used to home furnishings. At this time, an armed clash between the protesters and the police is brewing in the country.
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