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The Escape (2017)
Year, country:
Dominic Savage
Gemma Arterton, Dominic Cooper, Frances Barber
1h 45min
Tara - an ordinary woman who was able to create with a beloved man a strong, happy family, in which two beautiful children are brought up, bringing joy to loving parents. The people around could only envy the well-adjusted life and reliable rear, capable of supporting in any difficult situation. For outsiders, such a life seemed a worthy example for those wishing to achieve personal happiness. Until a certain time the young lady was absolutely satisfied with the successes achieved, without thinking about the possibility to build her own destiny differently. The daily care of household members, spending time with children, creating a cozy home atmosphere seemed unchanged attributes of family well-being, which did not require any changes. Dimensional everyday life has become familiar and equally gray. Suddenly, there comes a moment of disturbance of mental equilibrium, when there are doubts about the inviolability of long-established life. Tara begins to doubt deeply that she dreamed of living this way, monotonously fulfilling her daily duties, brought to the point of automaticity, ceasing to evoke any vivid emotions. Monotonous days formed in the faceless years, in which there was no place for unforgettable, exciting events, leaving an indelible mark in memory. The created situation becomes unbearable and depressing, leading to severe depression. The woman realizes that for many years she has performed other people's whims, not paying attention to her own needs, forgetting about personal pleasures. After much thought, the situation is completely unacceptable and requires immediate action. An exemplary spouse decides to leave the family.
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