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The 12th Man (2018) HD
The 12th Man (2018)
Year, country:
Harald Zwart
Thomas Gullestad, Jonathan Rhys Meyers, Marie Blokhus
2h 15min
Once in the center of armed clashes, soldiers have to endure severe trials and all sorts of unexpected surprises. A group of soldiers who are members of the Norwegian resistance. Several brave and strong male members in the territory of occupied Norway, receive a secret mission. They need, under cover of bad weather, to get through the boat "Brattholm" to the north-west coast and unseen on it. After that, fighters, it was necessary to destroy one of the major fascist air bases. But unfortunately, the impudent plan failed. The ship, attacked by the Germans, goes to the bottom. Struggling with cold sea waves, he with great difficulty, reaches the shore. The only way out for his survival is to break through to the border with the Swedes. A special group to carry out a difficult mission is choosing the Bratholm ship. There was only one left alive, who reached safely to the land. Having got ashore, Jan Bolsrud begins moving in the Swedish border, who are searching for people who are subversive. The fugitive is trying to find a reliable shelter, where you can sit out for a while and wait out a sudden snow storm. He discovers a small cave among the mountain slopes...
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