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Woody Woodpecker (2017)
Year, country:
Alex Zamm
Timothy Omundson, Thaila Ayala, Eric Bauza
1h 31min
Woody is incredibly cheerful, loving carefree fun, a little woodpecker. Thanks to his cheerful disposition and unbridled inquisitiveness, he is constantly at the center of all sorts of incredibly funny adventure stories. An energetic, enterprising feathered party of interesting events for more than fifty years amuses numerous fans with contagious laughter and sly, evil-hearted tricks. He tirelessly amuses and amuses everyone around, getting into curious situations, from which he inevitably finds an unforeseen way out, causing general fun. Now restless, irrepressible Woodpecker intends to prove his own superiority of a large construction company, intending to compete with the insidious leaders of an influential corporation, and to point out the true place to vile, unprincipled lawyers. In fact, the situation arose very unpleasant and even somewhat dangerous. Rich developers, owning this firm, are going to destroy the woodland where the Woody dwelling is located. In the liberated territories the company plans to build a road and build a modern, housing complex. With such treachery and treachery, the feathered truth-seeker faces for the first time. He can not allow numerous forest dwellers to suffer because of the villainy of officials, who can soon be left without housing, having lost all the surrounding, natural corners. A small, importunate bird is decided on extreme measures. He begins to spoil the property of evil lawyers, turning into small sawdust any wooden objects, infuriating the owners. A monotonous, not stopping tapping on hard surfaces drives the villains crazy.