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Absurd Accident (2016)
Year, country:
Li Yuhe
Suxi Ren, Chen Xixu, Gao Ye
1h 37min
"An absurd accident" is a criminal comedy about an absurd crime in a Chinese town. A respectable but overly suspicious resident of the Chinese province of Yang Bai Wan owns a family restaurant. Establishing a home meal brings income and respect to peasant neighbors, but the owner of a rural eatery is deeply unhappy. The cause of Yang's anxiety is his young wife Mai Li Lian, with whom visitors often flirt. Responding to courtesy, the pretty housewife welcomes everyone, treating them to noodles and pleasant conversations. This behavior takes the hero out of emotional balance - in every dining guest he sees an insidious seducer. In addition, the "talkative" dumb fellow villager dismisses insulting gossip, hinting that Vai Ban is an ordinary cuckold. Suspicion jealous confirms the wife herself, admitted in the existence of a boyfriend. Outraged by adultery, Jan runs to seek a killer capable of killing a traitor. However, the revenge plan unexpectedly fails, and the planned murder turns into an absurd crime.
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